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- The Tower -

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The tower was originally built by Rada (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) for a run of stage shows they had in London, it then toured the country with a small theatre group before ending up in our hands! When erected, it stands at a whopping 6.5m high and what a sight for sore eyes it is! The sturdy steel structure is built from the ground upwards by our team to create a centrepiece that can be seen from afar. The first floor of the tower boasts a huge platform raised 2.65m from the ground which happily accommodates DJ's and a centre table for all equipment – this space can be modified to comfortably raise 6 people up into the air. The tower can also be used for circus acts, integrating high line rope-walkers and aerial performances; it can be decorated to suit any theme and can also be hired out as a stand-alone prop for decorations. Once complete the tower weighs in at 650kg. If you’re interested in booking this attention-grabbing piece of kit or just want to find out more about it, then please contact us.