Falding's Fandangos

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Falding's Fandangos was formed after years of passion focused around performance arts, initially circus and the joy we get from seeing people of all ages have a good time! We love to provide alternative approaches to what would be your usual event and if required, add our own lick of eccentricity and character.

Falding's Fandangos is a new approach to events that simplifies the whole task of managing an event. To do this we minimise outsourcing and do it ourselves, this means we have total control over the event. This system works for us on anything, from putting on a circus show for a street fête, to managing an area at a festival...or even your wedding!

Based in the south-west yet travelling afar, our services provide; Event Management, Wedding Receptions, Circus, Entertainment, Show Production, Stage Management, Parties, Festivals, Marquees, Bars, Staffing and Hospitality. Check out the specific pages to find out more about what we do.

"An Exciting & Experimental approach
to having a Good Time"

Book us to sort your event to see how a little bit of flamboyancy can add a new dimension of fun!